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The Shepherd system is being utilized in correctional supervision, incorporating biometric authentication to equip Case Managers with tools to more efficiently supervise Offenders, while also giving dignity back to those Offenders. Click the buttons below to read reprints of recent articles on how Shepherd is working to reduce recidivism rates and help solve correctional issues.


The Shepherd system, powered by UnicusID, provides enhanced solutions to common correctional supervision issues. The Android-based smartphone app makes it easy for any government agency to biometrically authenticate the location of Offenders being monitored. It allows them to go to work, school, church, or family functions without the stigma of wearing an ankle bracelet.


The Shepherd system records personal device GPS locations paired with biometric facial recognition check-ins to constantly track an Offender under court-ordered supervision. This information shows a roadmap of where the Offender goes for a supervising Officer to see with the click of a button.



The overcrowding of jails, prisons, and halfway houses requires more money and more staff, ultimately causing a substantial financial burden to the correctional agency and taxpayers alike. Shepherd can be an alternative to incarceration for low-risk Offenders.


Caseloads for supervising Officers are heavy and demanding, but Shepherd allows the focus to remain on the small percentage of Offenders who need it most, potentially decreasing Officer stress and increasing productivity.


Traditional ankle bracelets are expensive and cumbersome to the supervising agency and to the Offender. With Shepherd there is no electronic equipment to buy or maintain because the Offender can use their Android smartphone. Daily monitoring can be a fraction of the cost of ankle monitoring, thus saving everyone money. 

Many on ankle bracelets find it difficult to hold a job and are embarrassed in social settings. One important benefit to the Shepherd system is the removal of that social stigma. Offenders can attend work, school, church,  a child's soccer game or ballet recital without the fear of being scrutinized. Our patented check-in system is as easy and normal as taking a "selfie" with their phone. In short, Shepherd helps restore dignity, which encourages right behavior.

"When you restore a person's dignity, you are restoring hope."

 -Brian Thomas, UnicusID

Third Party Visibility

Shepherd’s exclusive third party visibility allows someone who has been affected by the Offender to have limited access to their location. Examples of this could be a victim of domestic violence or a parent/guardian who wants to offer an extra layer of accountability.

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