Our talented team created a specialized package called the Shepherd-System, which correctional facilities are currently utilizing in court ordered supervision situations. By incorporating biometric authentication, the Shepherd system equips Case Managers with newly developed tools and  resources, allowing the case managers to more efficiently supervise Offenders, while also restoring a sense of communal integrity back to those Offenders. Click the buttons below to read reprints of recent articles on how Shepherd currently works to reduce recidivism rates and helps solve correctional issues. . Visit Shepherd site.

Recent Press Releases

2018 Most Fundable Companies

We are proud to announce that we were recently named as a finalist among the Pepperdine University Most Fundable Companies in America. From approximately 2500 entries, we placed in the top 15 which are all featured in the November issue of Entrepreneur magazine. The following video is a portion of a presentation that gives insight into our patented UnicusID authentication process and some of its possible applications, or click the button for a link to Pepperdine’s announcement.