About Us

Our talented team created a specialized package called the Shepherd-System, which correctional facilities are currently utilizing in court ordered supervision situations. By incorporating biometric authentication, the Shepherd system equips Case Managers with newly developed tools and resources, allowing the case managers to more efficiently supervise Offenders, while also restoring a sense of communal integrity back to those Offenders. Click the buttons below to read reprints of recent articles on how Shepherd currently works to reduce recidivism rates and helps solve correctional issues.

Catherine Amarosa

Chief Executive Officer: Doctoral Candidate in History at Liberty University; 5 Years of experience in business ownership; MA History from Auburn University of Montgomery; BS International Business from Auburn University.

Patrick Taylor

President and Chairman: Founder of UnicusID with 25 years of developing viable and valuable business solutions.

Scott Pierce

Chief Technology Officer: 30 years of software development and systems design. AWS Certified Soultions Architect (Professional Level).


Antonio Amarosa

Vice President of Research and Development: 8 Years of experience in security; 5 years of experience in Development; 3 years of experience in Graphic Design; 2 Years of experience in Shipping and Receiving.

Randy Montz

Vice President of Sales: Former Law Enforcement as well as 35 years of sales and management experience. Responsible for developing and maintaining sales force, policies and procedures, and inventory management along with conflict resolution for multi-billion dollar corporations as District Manager. 30 years of experience in business ownership; as a certified bench jeweler.


Blaire Graham

Vice President of Procurement


Heidi Love

Vice President of Marketing


Michael Taylor

Vice President of Production